Magnetic Levitation in the News

The Meissner Effect: Magnetic Levitation Using a Superconductor
Be sure to perform this experiment in a well ventilated area. Below the critical temperature, superconductors are diamagnetic, which means they strongly repel magnetic fields and do not allow magnetic ... continued..
How’d They Do It: Levitating Orb Clock
Let us know in the comments below. If you’re looking to play with this phenomenon in your own projects, it seems you can buy a magnetic levitation device which exhibits similar properties. continued..
Building A Levitating Turbine Desk Toy
Magnetic levitation is a beautiful thing to watch. Seeing small objects wobble about while seemingly hovering in thin air never gets old. If you want something suitably distracting in this vein ... continued..
Watch: Magnetic Levitation Lifts 105-Pound Quadcopter
There are currently only four operating systems in the world that rely on magnetic levitation. Two of the trains operate in China, the others are located in Japan and South Korea. A video from ... continued..
Magnetic Levitation Blowers Market Size and Outlook 2023 | by Regional Analysis, Application Potential, Trends, Competitive Market and Forecast 2028
Global “Magnetic Levitation Blowers Market” 2023 research report presents the market overview, market dynamics, segmentation (type, application, end user and region), latest developments ... continued..
Maglev Train Market Trend 2023 With Strong Supplier, Key Factors, Driving The Market Growth, Information Forecast 2028, Report Contains (95) Pages
Maglev Train Market” research document 2023 has been organized via way of means of skilled and informed market ... continued..
This levitating, magnet-powered train will travel at Mach .8 by 2035: ‘A day trip to the opposite coast’
Using contactless power transmission, the train would pull power from the existing electric grid through magnetic fields, allowing the pods to zip along a vacuum tube. Although this sounds like ... continued..
Engineers create Terminator-like robot that can turn into liquid, regain shape
The robotic arm was developed by a team of engineers and scientists primarily from China. It features a unique design, comprised of interconnected modules of magnetic levitation and soft actuators, ... continued..
Boat of the Week: With an All-Aluminum Hull, This Rule-Breaking 250-Foot Superyacht Glimpses the Future of Design
The G250 concept is not only forward-thinking in its design, but its all-aluminum hull and superstructure are breaking the rules of superyacht construction. continued..
Corsair ML Series ML120 Pro RGB LED Magnetic Levitation Fan (120mm) - 3 Fan Pack with Lighting Node PRO
These fans are great if your looking for a fairly high airflow rgb fan that is also icue compatible. Sadly it's on the more expensive side for a convenient rbg control system. Also once the fan ... continued..
Corsair iCUE ML120 RGB ELITE Premium 120mm PWM Magnetic Levitation Triple Fan Kit in Black with iCUE Lighting Node CORE
Sorry, this product has been discontinued. We have found some similar products below. continued..

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